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Who are we?

FOUNDERS: Jose Ramon and Nelly Caruci are the founders of Valley Of Decision Missions, a growing ministry that reaches the nations with the powerful message of the Gospel. Both are medical doctors as well as ordained ministers and are graduates in medicine from Central University of Venezuela. They now reside in Houston, Texas.

Valley Of Decision Missions Trinidad & Tobago seeks to reach and minister to all church denominations as well as to any unsaved person who wishes to attend its Weekend Prayer & Fast retreats. The message is Christ centred, based on the Word of God and under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit towards the human need for RESTORATION.

Spiritual growth is the main objective of the ministry. A major thrust is the development of the fruit of the Spirit, the shedding of the blockages to allow the free flowing of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, so that God's purpose for each life can be affected. 

Teaching on Spiritual Warfare will also be a crucial area that will be addressed. The Fast Retreats include prayer, worship, praise and teachings geared towards DELIVERANCE AND RESTORATION OF:

  • Individuals
  • Marriages
  • Families
  • Nations


We offer free Christian counselling at our office. See our Contact page to make an appointment today. We are open to the public.

Valley of Decision Missions Trinidad & Tobago

Board of Directors

Names left to right:

Back - Arthur Gray, Pastors Conrad Richards & Berth James (Tobago), Lambert George

Middle: Adeltha Wilson, Eleen Chin Soo, Gloria Gray (President)

Front: Norma Cleghorn (Secretary), Teckler Thomas, 


1986 Valley of Decision Missions served as a local ministry in Venezuela.

1991 Prayer and fasting retreats started in Guyana by Mrs. Gloria Gray

1993 Prayer & Fasting work began in Houston, Texas by the Calveti family

1994 The Caruci family moved to Houston, Texas.

1995 August 10th, the ministry was incorporated in the State of Texas

1996 The structuring of Valley Of Decision Ministries as a missionary

organization with a worldwide vision

1998 Valley Of Decision Missions legally registered in Guyana. Mrs. Gloria Gray relocated to Trinidad and Tobago and began the Prayer & Fast Retreats there.

1999 Full time missionaries were placed in Colombia and Panama.

1999 Ministry had its first fast camp in June in Trinidad at Victory Heights bible Camp

2004 Valley Of Decision Missions legally registered and officially launched in Trinidad & Tobago.

The core area of the ministry is the hosting of Weekend Prayer and Fast camps including:

  • Mixed Fast Camps - These camps are designed for both male and female, young and old. In these camps we often see families attending.
  • Male Only Camps - As the name says, these camps catered for the male only and despite the overwhelming need for the male man to come forth, the attendance at these camps continued to dwindle over the years. Today the Weekend Male Only Fast Camp has been replaced by a one day male Forum.
  • Female Only Camps - Over the years these camps continue to increase in numbers and have seen an increasing number of mothers and daughters as well as sisters attending.
  • Youth Fast Camp - In 2010, the ministry hosted two - one day youth fast retreats. The first one in Trinidad and the second in Tobago. Since then we have not had another. However, the ministry will refocus its attention once again on the youth as it launches its Youth Forum on March 14th, 2020.

The ministry is also engaged in other activities including:

Internal Training - counselling training for the members of the ministry to facilitate the process of inner healing and to ensure their continued growth and development in their spiritual walk.

External Training - training in counselling which is extended to counsellors, lay ministers and persons in other areas of ministry who wishes to attend.

Fundraising Events - Various Fundraising activities to support the areas of ministry namely our Haiti Missionand our Building Fund. Your financial support in these areas are greatly appreciated. (How can I give)

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