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Testimony about the Camp - November 2023

For years fear, anxiety and worry dominated my life. I felt ashamed as a child of God because in

essence, I was calling God a liar and even if I did not say the words, I did not trust His wisdom.

I grew sick of being sick with worry but did not know how to get off this spinning wheel. But thanks

be to God..... He remained faithful and merciful and through the ministry of Valley of Decision, the Fast Camp held between the 11 to 13 November, all of that changed.  God has marvelously delivered me

from fear.... the very first thing that was on my list of what I wanted God to do for me during the Camp.

It is a blessing to be resting in God. Two other answers to prayer from the Camp.

Firstly, I had an assignment in Washington and I asked the Lord to let it be impactful and relevant to the audience ....I am happy to report that He answered that prayer as well. 

The second is the insight God has given me to know that the victorious life is not the life that is void of trouble, rather it is the life where through His grace, we can embrace that painful and painfilled situation and peace.  I remember the moderator at Camp saying that some of the answers would come

after the Camp..... mine are still coming.  I thank God for teaching me and leading me into His rest.

Thank God for the ministry of Valley of Decision.




Testimony about the Camp - February 2023


This camp was so powerful, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so present that no one was praying for me when I realized I was getting deliverance. I wasn’t sure who was talking or what

they were speaking about at that point because I was distracted by the internet issues I was

having. I got bumped off the meeting many times. I just sat feeling flustered and like I wanted to break my fast, but I kept declaring the words from 1 Corinthians 9:27, “…I discipline my body and keep it under control.” That’s when my head started feeling funny and I knew I needed to get my plastic bag and napkins ready. For more than an hour, I was getting deliverance. I was repenting, thanking God, commanding, and declaring all through it.

Experience Earlier that Day (before deliverance)


I was sitting on my bed praying and worshipping. This was in between the Fast Camp sessions

where we got a break to rest, pray and meditate on what was taught from the Word of God.

In that moment, I felt like someone sat on my bed right next to me, on my left side. My eyes

were closed, and I was stunned at the force I felt on the bed. It felt like someone plopped

themselves right beside me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Everything was in place.

I closed my eyes again and knew it was either the Lord or one of His angels. I felt strong and encouraged.  

Comments from our Fast Camp

November 2022 Mixed Virtual Weekend Fast Camp


Dear Ministers,

Valley of Decision Mission, Fact Camp Nov 2022, has impacted my life both physically and spiritually.

The pre-fast was a challenge because I was indulging in so many types of food and sin so I knew I was in

for a ride. I thought that the pre-fast would make the actually fast easier but it was still hard. Then God

reminded me of the verse from 2 Cor "I will beat my body and make it my slave...." I had been a slave to

food and sin and now it was time for me to be a slave under the obedience of God.

From this camp I have been awakened to things I had closed my spiritual eyes to and God wanted me to see it. After Sister Gray's first message she prayed for our homes that was a prayer that I needed to cast out things

from my home that were not of God. The following day she spoke about iniquity we inherit and that prayer

made such an impact I began casting things out of me that I knew I had tendencies of doing that were apart

of my family line. I even began covering my daughter in prayer that she will not inherit the same baggage.

During the message about repentance and the prayer specifically I felt this strong emotion of sadness. All

the things I have done has grieved the heart of God and the speaker was hitting every note. God wanted me

to hear that its not just feeling sorry for what I have done but an actual surrender and walking away from

repeating the same thing. She said "Repentance is a gift given to us to walk with Christ."

Friday I got into this argument with my sister trying to defend myself and Saturday morning I was reminded

that it was spiritual warfare. Even during camp I was being attacked.

Saturday was especially hard because I started to feel sick. I asked Major Mark for advice since she had

invited me to join. She was advised to eat a piece of fruit and for some reason after that I felt even worst.

I wanted to quit. I realized this was an attack to both my mind and body but I kept attending meetings.

The message on fear was on point because that was one of my prayer points. I have allowed fear to keep

me back from pursuing my musical career and other business ventures for so long. I was reminded that God

has not given me a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. I began declaring it as the speaker said

"I choose the fear of the Lord." I want the Holy Spirit to guide me on this journey of life.

From the onset, this camp has revealed the weaknesses in me that I need to work on with the help of the Holy Spirit. I came with a list of prayer request when God wanted me to fix other things and He confirmed in my

spirit and I believe by faith that He will answer the other things on my list. I will continue to trust God in this process. I have been greatly encouraged. 

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